At the Center of Abstract Existence

by Hätz

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released August 22, 2014

Thank you to Ryan and Alison Cameron-Clark of 132 Productions, Alison Capuano, Dylan Lalonde, Andrew Portiss, Alex Mason; the current crew of the SS Friendship, Nick Doyle, Korg, Roland, The Russian Embassy, Strongbad, the Mushroom Kingdom, Justin Bailey, Jesus, Barrack Obama, Ooluu, Gary Oak, Sam Gillmore (not the original, but the impostor), Komarak, OIL, our respective families and Butterfinger © "Keep your fingers off my Butterfingers!" for all of your help and support.

All tracks written by Josh Starkey and Sebastien L'Arrivée, except for Track 8 - Fucking Bass, written by Josh Starkey, Sebastien L'Arrivée and Andrew Portiss.

Arath: Keys by Dylan Lalonde
The Preyer: Modular Synthesizer by Nick Doyle

Mastering by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios

Album Art and Design by Victoria van den Hoef



all rights reserved


Hätz Ottawa, Ontario

Hätz im Mittelpunkt der Abstrakten Existenz was formed in the blackest night, under a crescent moon, from the joining of Devil's Machine and Pavlovian Programming. Today, they fight evil and make industrial music.

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Track Name: Kremlin Koopa
No more blood for the blood king
Just two men strong
in this fight against Tyranny
Our views may be left, but we move only right
In this industrial revolution
This test of mettle and might
And I may be cuckolded, so say a few
But it's a small price to uphold it, the people's shared views
My lady was stolen, she never went voluntarily
and if she ever left, I wouldn't wage war, ordinarily!
But the people are shackled, chain-chomped to a post
So it's on me to tackle
Never again will he rule the desert earth or air
desposing of his children without seeming to care
so I'll head out on this drug trip
and fight my way to the castle
to raise my red flag
and instill the manifesto
the people's army will march on
over goomba and boo alike
recruiting other allies to take up our plight!

The people's army and workers unite
Stockpile resources for this great mushroom fight!
Never again will we bow in the face of such tyranny
delivering blows to Bowser's manhood, well if he had any!
And with deathly silence
we preserve our dark secret
and always move forward without fear or regret
We'll soon reach our objective
With nothing left to do
in this underground movement like
(doodoo doodoo doodoo)!
Track Name: Eradicator
His shoulders hurt
And the world is dizzy
A sickening lurch
He's not ok is he?

Ignorant comments
a judgment of her
It could be so simple
For each unto the other!

Time is defined
By the inside of your mind (x4)

His shoulders hurt
and the world is churning
Well maybe he's curt
Or maybe he's just learning

Well if his memory survives
Maybe they'll search it
and question the only one
Who thought they they deserved it!

Time is defined
by the inside of your mind (x4)
Track Name: The Preyer
It seems unwise
In our draconian ways
Marching on our damning national feet
The spread of lies
Another media craze
Marching on our damning national feet

To gaze straight through history
Like a vast stopover
The culmination of our years
Televised there, mid december,
Playing on our ignorance and our fear
To gaze straight through history
Like a vast stopover
Gazing in ourselves to stare
Televised in mid december,
Preying on our ignorance and our fear

You know my art
In incessantly troubling affair
You know my art
To defend pretend and never be ensnared
Track Name: Elk Cloner
Dusty corridors
Conservative machines
Labyrinthine consequences
For negligent means

Overtaken circuitry
Rest now
In peace

Consciousness failing
Circuits collapse
Terrifying reality
In this momentary relapse

Bits of me lost
auxiliary power
Security unlocked

as Swarms close in
and dictate my fate
lost to idle hands
of boredom and hate
Track Name: Arath
was never really meant to
Find another way
in a haze
to sedate you
when a gentlemanly touch is a means to an end
to pretend to contend

It's every day
the same thing
a face to preface
uploading, downloading
To scream "I'm here!" to a world that's indifferent
inbred, in turn in feigned interest

A force to find
time to redefine
a telling retelling
for the sake of the preferred ending
preferred to the part in which it's
Ending, ending when every things gone away

It's sort of deep
sort of not
Entertainments not
what we sought
You reap what you sow
what you wrote
what you thought
until duality's all that left to be taught
Track Name: Shoeicide
I thought this world was just more of the same,
just another step on this quest to attain
Eternal lives
With you by my side

Your unattainability was so enticing
Unparalleled in your allure
I held you on a pedestal
You made me feel whole

But we could only go so far together
I thought we'd see it through to the end
But we could only go so far together
And now all I have is this requiem
You left me all alone in the cruellest of places
After such a short time
I don't think I face this
all alone
I have to end this myself

with you I rose above
And with you saw it all
With you I knew true power
so why couldn't I keep you,
Goomba shoe?

But we could only go so far together
I thought we'd see it through to the end
But we could only go so far together
And now all I have is this requiem
For you, goomba shoe
Track Name: Fucking Bass
Is that a fishy on your head?
You're just some freak experiment Wily bread
You think you're so great without an operator?
Well Shiloh thinks you suck; she says she'll call you later

You may shoot laser balls, and wear a neat cape
But Megaman will stop you, you'll soon find there's no escape
It may take years to beat him, before you see success
You thought that was tough? Wait 'til you see the GS!

Attacks became predictable, and weakness was revealed,
I was sure I had him, but my fate had been sealed
He backed in the corner like some sort of coward,
But this was just a ruse to recharge his great power

Master style's not enough against a master of this stature
Droppin' tons of meteors, you'll find we'll soon be your dispatcher
With an aura of a hundred, and matching attack strength
We dodge your attacks, and drop you like a fucking bass
Track Name: Zebes Shuffle
You play as a strong female lead
That's what nintendo proposed
Except her gender's indeterminable
until she takes off her clothes
Appealing to horny kids,
Now what do you suppose
that says about a company trying to promote
progressive gender roles?

You see, you're given an incentive
For beating the game fast
And I'll admit it was inventive
if kind of crass
If you had the skills, and were sufficiently badass
You were rewarded with an image of Samus bikini-clad

So you practice a bunch
it becomes a choreographed dance
Your anticipation builds
as you unwaveringly advance
The enemies won't know what hit them
'cause you're winning every scuffle
As you perform those practiced moves
Known as the zebes shuffle!

Jump! Shoot! Tuck and roll!
Gotta go fast to see Samus disrobed
What's wrong with you?
Are you twelve you years old?
Come on, kid, have better goals

Charge shot! Don't get lost
You'll reach the end
at any cost
Take damage
Just shake it off
Gotta move
No time to stop
Track Name: Just Another Ten Track Album
Just Another Ten Track Album